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Senior Appointments for
the Energy Transition

We facilitate good hiring decisions

Finding the right leadership talent to fuel your growth isn’t easy – and often, recruiters can make a difficult task even more complicated. In a world where anyone with a laptop and internet access can start sending you CV’s, it’s no wonder hiring companies are frustrated by inconsistent service levels, poorly qualified candidates and hopeful outcomes.

We are the other side of coin. The search firm built on reliable process and guaranteed outcomes, with a passion for the Energy Transition. We want to contribute to a cleaner energy future.

You won’t need us for every hire – in fact we actively encourage you not to use us for the easy to fill positions in your business.

We are here for the important ones. The ones you simply can’t afford to get wrong. The ones where you need the best IN the market, not just those ON the market at that moment in time.

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Focusing on Energy Transition technologies

storage systems

Energy Storage is a rapidly growing and increasingly essential part of the energy mix. We work across the value chain supporting implemetation of a variety of technologies.

Flexible Power Generation

An essential form of stability for the grid, the flexible power generation market provides a bridge between current energy sources and an increased uptake of renewables.

Distributed Energy Resources

District Energy, CHP's, Micro-grids... on site storage and generation is an increasingly cost effective option for I&C customers and local authorities.

Renewable Energy

The future energy system will be dominated by renewable generation. Our clients are working to make that future a reality across a range of renewable technologies.
Where we work

Our clients work across the asset lifecyle;


within Investment, Development, EPC and Asset Management.

Our values underpin everything we do


Every business and individual have their own unique story. We immerse ourselves in those stories to create powerful connections that enable real and genuine change.


We love knowing what makes our clients and candidates tick. We ask a lot of questions and absorb every bit of knowledge we can.  Afterall, whether you are making a leadership hire, or looking for that next career step, we are your advocates in the market.


We recognise that the work our clients undertake is time critical. We prioritise and support them accordingly to achieve their goals.