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We find Leaders that stick, for Energy & Infrastructure Investors & Port-co's

If you never have problems hiring the perfect person for that leadership role,
then this may not be for you. For everyone else, if you want to end the cycle
of frustration, interviewing inappropriate leadership candidates who last six
months before jumping ship and leaving you in the shit, then we should talk.

Sonder + Metric at a glance

Got a problem hire?

It’s what we do. Hire the leaders you need, when no-one else can. No problem.

We find Energy Leaders who stick

Of the last 50 leaders we’ve placed, 49 were there a year later (ask us about the other one!)

We De-Risk your hire

Our longlists are formed from a breadth of opinion within the energy sector. If there are beans, some one will spill them.

We deal in impact

Our shortlists result from in depth collaboration and a whole lot of research. We give you options that produce impact. 

They Promise the earth, but deliver nothing

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Your COO has jumped ship.
It’s only six months since the last one bailed, and he’d only been there for three months.

If you’re not on the phone to recruiters, your fielding calls from anxious investors.
Meanwhile your business is drifting around in No Man’s Land.

There are no leaders in No Man’s Land, just stalled growth and a bunch of recruiters promising you the earth for a fat discount, but only delivering low quality shortlists.

Is that you?

Who's got your back?

Josh Foulkes
 The realist. Meticulous, honest and fed up of hearing about about bad recruitment experiences. Loves the difficult assignments. 
Sarah Foulkes
The optimist. Relentlessly positive and brings out the best in people. Can spot a rough diamond from 100 yards in heavy snow, with one eye closed. 

Case Study:
Investment Leadership

"you never gave up, even when things got tough."

Case Study:
Scaling a Portfolio Co.

27 Hires, 18 months, 100% retention. 

Case Study:
IPP Leadership

Supporting the UK's Largest IPP. 

YES YES YES! I've seen enough. 

- This is exactly what I need.
- Great leaders.
- Who’ll fill problem roles.
- And stick around.
- I don’t mind raiding my competitors.
- I want you to do it all.
- Searching, qualifying, screening, referencing, short-listing.
- I’ve got a budget.

Then you know what to do: (the big orange button below)