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Welcome to Sonder & Metric

Senior Appointments for
Energy Investors
& Asset Owners

We facilitate good hiring decisions

Finding the right leadership talent to fuel your growth isn’t easy – and often, recruiters can make a difficult task even more complicated. In a world where anyone with a laptop and internet access can start sending you CV’s, it’s no wonder hiring companies are frustrated by inconsistent service levels, poorly qualified candidates and hopeful outcomes.

We are the other side of the coin. The search firm built on reliable process and guaranteed outcomes. We have a passion for the Energy Transition and want to contribute to a cleaner energy future.

You won’t need us for every hire – in fact we actively encourage you not to use us for the easy to fill positions in your business. We are here for the important ones. The ones you simply can’t afford to get wrong. The ones where you need the best IN the market, not just those ON the market at that moment in time.

Utilising tried and tested Leadership Search solutions

Leadership Search

Comprehensive, detailed and delivered at pace. Our proven process for facilitating great leadership hires.

Management Search

Our Management Search solution, specifically focused on identifying, assessing and securing great management level talent.

Talent Services

Bespoke talent intelligence solutions delivered as standalone projects or as a precursor to a Leadership Search. Projects typically include salary surveys, Compensation & Benefits surveys and more. Each project is bespoke and is priced accordingly.

Growing your team? We would love to hear from you.