So you have a leadership shaped hole to fill...

In days gone by, you had two options. 

A lengthy, inflexible hiring process run by a bloated executive search firm, charging you 6 figures without any guarantee of a successful outcome...

Or the wild-west of agency recruitment, where multiple recruiters throw CV's at you on a no-win-no-fee basis in the hope that something will stick. 

Stuck between a rock and a pile of shit. 

Sometimes, things worked out. You got the person you wanted, regardless of the pain you felt along the way.

But times have changed, and those methods are producing less and less fruit. 

'Little black book' executive search only gives a snapshot of the talent pool and kills any chance you have of tackling your diversity problem. And the less said about the 'spray and pray' agency approach, the better.

On the one hand, the best leaders have never been easier to access (thanks, LinkedIn)
But because of that, it also means they've never been harder to meaningfully engage with.

To attract the very best, you need to cut above the noise and do something different.
That's where we come in.

Exceptional results within 6-8 weeks

We deliver well thought out search projects that follow our tried and tested formula.
We do the basics very well, which allows us to do the not so basic things well too. 


Consultation with key stakeholders

Gathering key stakeholders allows us to discuss the strategic goals of the business, agree the vacancy brief and accurately define the skills, experience and behaviours of the desired candidates. 

Outreach preparation

Creation of bespoke Candidate Briefing Packs, accurately defining your value proposition to ensure we maximise positive market response. 


No stone left unturned. We map the entire market, identifying talent from competitors, suppliers and those outside the industry with transferable skills. 
We crowdsource our longlists utilising the breadth of opinion and expertise in the industry.  


Each candidate undertakes our competency based assessment interview, as well as a set of psychometric assessments to assess their suitability for your organisation. 

Shortlist selection

We work with you to discuss the merits of the longlisted candidates, agreeing a final shortlist of candidates you are excited to progress to interview stage. 


We manage and organise the interview process. 

Offer Management

Once you have decided who you want to hire, we make sure to get them through the door. 


Once in-situ, we provide a range on onboarding support options, including access to an executive coach.