The Backstory

It bothers me that 30 years from now there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

It also upsets me that we’re on track to submerge a handful of Pacific Islands, that half a million people call home.

But here’s the worst bit. I used to be part of the problem. I was hiring people for companies that were creating the built environment around us, but destroying the planet in the process.

That wasn’t the world I wanted my kids to grow up in, so what do you do? You could take the pay cheque and look the other way (and the pay cheque was very healthy). Or you could put your big girl pants on and decide to be part of the solution.

So that’s what I did. I set up Sonder and Metric.

Today we fill critical leadership roles that other firms can’t, and I only work with operators and investors in the Energy Sector who are helping to solve the climate crisis. In three years we’ve filled 70 thorny leadership positions that others have struggled with. We’ve built out a research function and we’ve become an accredited member of The Retained Search program.

The best bit is, we’re just getting started, finding leaders and saving the planet.

Who's got your back?

Josh Foulkes
 The realist. Meticulous, honest and fed up of hearing about about bad recruitment experiences. Loves the difficult assignments. 
Sarah Foulkes
The optimist. Relentlessly positive and brings out the best in people. Can spot a rough diamond from 100 yards in heavy snow, with one eye closed. 

Case Study:
Investment Leadership

"you never gave up, even when things got tough."

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Scaling a Portfolio Co.

27 Hires, 18 months, 100% retention. 

Case Study:
IPP Leadership

Supporting the UK's Largest IPP.