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The Right Hire. Always.

Love the feeling of confirming a game-changing hire? So do we.

Hate kissing frogs, wasting time and the pile of admin it takes to get there? We’ve got you covered.

Every year, 46% of leadership hires fail*


The average cost of these ‘bad hires’, is estimated at 3.3x total compensation of the outgoing employee (REC).

That’s before you take into account the personal and emotional cost you face when you find yourself back at square one.

The risk of getting it wrong is huge, for both employer and employee.

At the same time…

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Candidate Experience is at an All-Time Low


And it’s impacting your ability to bring the best people to the table.

Your ideal candidates are targeted on a daily basis by multiple recruiters, sending 2 page Role Profiles that read like the Yellow Pages.

They are hard to engage and are quick to dismiss opportunities that don’t align with their objectives. In reality, most of the approaches they receive are simply ignored.

You need a way to cut through the noise.


Chances Are, Your Experience Isn’t Much Better


Hiring processes feel like a game of roulette.

Recruiters typically promise the world, whilst delivering a handful of CV’s stapled to a large invoice.

They talk about time-to-hire, cost reductions, ROI and a load of other things they think you want to hear.

But they miss the point.

Your new hire will be judged on the long-term impact they have on your business. On whether they can actually move the needle.

Not on their ability to navigate a two stage interview process.


No-one wants to stand in front of the Board, having to explain why the latest senior hire wasn’t up to scratch. 


The world of work has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. For most businesses, the process for hiring key staff has stayed the same.

We’ve committed to providing our clients with a different way of doing things – And the results speak for themselves.


Gambling Is For The Casino


We prefer a sure thing. Our process is predictable, reliable and repeatable. *Yawn*

From Stakeholder Alignment and Organisational Strategy to Technical Capability and Behavioural Fit, we identify essential success factors and pro-actively mitigate your risk.

We put in the hard work behind the scenes,  so you can benefit from exceptional results within a structured timeline.

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We Tell A Compelling Story


Words are important – on paper, and in conversation.

You only get one chance at a first impression. So you have to make it count.

We distill the findings from our discovery process to provide target candidates with a clear, consistent and, importantly, enticing message designed to bring them to the table.

We utlitise multiple methods of outreach, including direct professional headhunting to open a conversation with the hardest to engage talent.

And Provide Data That Gives Clarity To Decision Making


There are few things worse for hiring accuracy than having to make your decision based on gut-feel.

We give you live data from market, enabling you to position yourself favourably amongst your competitors.

We assess candidates against the success factors we identify during Discovery, and provide a comprehensive results suite,  so you can shortlist and interview with confidence.

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Using Technology To Make Your Life Easier


Forget scrawling your inbox for CV’s, recruiter comments or test results.

Imagine every piece of hiring data you could ever need, all in one place. A single source of truth that includes:

Full Candidate Profiles
CV and supporting documents
Behavioural assessments
Competency-based test results
Video introductions & more

Learn more about HireInsight

And Importantly, We Commit To Working With You Until The Job Is Finished.


No matter what, we keep going until we achieve a successul outcome.

We have a 100% success rate on all of our assignments.

But the real measure of a successful hire, is the long term impact they have on your organisation.

To date, 98% of our hires have remained in-situ 1 year later; far higher than industry averages.

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*Research Conducted by Harvard Business Review