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Features of a Successful Search Project

Features of an Effective Search Project


Not all Search projects are delivered equally. Some recruitment providers like to take shortcuts, often to the detriment of the hiring organistion they purport to represent.

Want to sense check whether you are getting a first class service? Here is a checklist of key service areas you should be receiving. You can use to make sure you aren’t getting short changed:

Stakeholder Alignment

Hiring Exercises can fail before they have even begun if the stakeholders involved aren’t aligned. We’re not just talking about agreeing on a job specification. There needs to be consensus over purpose, vision, skillset and, importantly, behaviours. Gaining consensus isn’t as easy as you would imagine. Often, variation comes from expectations within our subconscious, rather than the things we are consciously aware of.

Our clients benefit from a robust discovery process, including access to The McQuaig Institutes job survey tools, designed to measure and compare the expectations of individual stakeholders in order to form a cohesive go-to-market hiring strategy.

Messaging and Marketing

In recruitment, the way you say something is just as important and the thing you are trying to say. Everyday, great candidates are spammed by salesmen and recruiters, sending over pitches or job spec’s to try get their interest. In the end, it’s all just noise.
Attention is currency in the modern world. In order to get it, you need to work hard.

We work with our clients to distil key messages into an engaging story that envisions our target candidates to achieve buy-in to our process.
Our marketing team create professionally designed Candidate Briefing Packs to ensure the consistency of message to the talent pool.

Access to the best in the market, not just those on the market

In most cases, you will have engaged a search firm because you want to find the very best possible person for your vacancy. At leadership level, the difference between a top 20% hire and a top 5% can be a huge impact on profit and performance. It’s not enough to engage with those who can do the job and are on the market, you need to know you have done everything in your power to get the very best.

Our research team deliver a comprehensive market mapping exercise, identifying every individual who could do the job within the agreed parameters, from competitors, peers and suppliers. We then systematically approach each person on the agreed long list, recording all responses to provide you with a clear picture of the market and the perspective of top talent in your industry. By the end of the process, you can rest assured that no stone has been left unturned in your search.

Thorough assessment strategy

Every wasted time interviewing someone who you knew wasn’t right in the first 10 minutes? Have you been in process with a candidate only to find that they fall short on a key aspect of the role, having already invested a significant amount of time into them? It can be extremely frustrating, and often means you have to go back to the drawing board.

Our clients benefit from a multi-layered assessment process, and receive the results BEFORE they call people for interview. This process includes behavioural profiling, technical & functional competencies and a video introduction exercise. They NEVER interview people who they aren’t already confident can do a good job within their busieness.

A centralised place for all recruitment activity

Searching your inbox for that CV you’ve misplaced? Trying to find the email trail with that key bit of candidate information? Recruitment processes come with a huge amount of administration. It’s time expensive. Time much better spent elsewhere.

All of our Search projects are delvered through our hiring platform, HireInsight. The longlist, the shortlist, every CV, every piece of candidate assessment – all accessible through one simple login. Our clients have better things to do that chase up misplaced CV’s. So we make sure they never have to.

Are you getting the service you deserve?

Want to make your life easier and actually ENJOY a hiring process for once? Ultimately, an effective search project shoul dsave you time, money and devliver the best possible long term results.

We’d love to chat about how we can level-up your recruitment process and ensure you get great results that propel your business forward.